Last month a bought a 2011 Prius. I now get 3.8L per 100K at various speed. I save big time on gas. Our kits work to save on gas, for gas diesel and hybrid electric motors. Up to 16 litre engines. They are easy to install and as a motor vacuum kit, not a crappy air intake box kit, they do save on gas. Many people ask me how to save on gas and this is the best way. Notice the.videos we have on of the Prius over a 200 kilometre range, along with other mileage videos showing extreme fuel savings. The picture I have included is from a couple weeks ago. It shows the range on the Prius in terms of kilometres after a fill. It is 769KMS per tank. Anyone who knows Prius knows this is a way better range and mileage number than what Prius would normally get without a hydrogen generator. Anyway, I have included this picture, but after using the car for another week, I now get 831 KMS per tank on my dashboard range indicator. Showing how fuel efficient this car really is now with the generator... Prius Full Tankjpg