Canadians want to save money on gas; how to save money on gas

Canadians want to save money on gas; how to save money on gas

It is amazing. I sold a kit to a guy in BC for his 2019 Ram 6.7 litre diesel cummins recently. The part that is amazing is how Fuel Genie Systems Canada promotes videos through Mileage Masters Canada and SE Hydrogen Hybrids and show Canadians how to save money on gas, yet few do this.

This gentleman was an exception. We discussed the hydrogen kits on the phone and also the videos that show precisely how vehicles can save money on gas. We also discussed how legitimate the videos were and also how clear they were about how to save money on gas. To him, he could see no problem with the message the videos were showing about various vehicles saving money on gas. The message appeared to be clear and also the videos legitimate. 

This is the part we find amazing. Canadians can quite easily save money on gas, our videos are great, easy to comprehend and also valid. Yet, we get few calls.

Our hydrogen generator is not the same old crap you would find with a simple google search. Simple to install, cheap to buy the only thing that is similar between our generator and a google generator is we both generate hydrogen gas via electrolysis. That it!

Our generators feature a MICROPROCESSOR controller box, a LED display showing realtime hydrogen gas levels and a hand held FOB which allows the use to adjust hydrogen gas levels on the fly... For fuel savings in the city or on the highway. 

Canadians use gas buddy, they look for things via google search like cheap gas near me or gas prices in BC. It does not matter where cheap gas is, it does not matter what the price of gas is in BC, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Toronto, Ottawa, Newfoundland, Sidney, etc... 

With a Fuel Genie Systems Hydrogen Generator you will save 20 to 30% on fuel costs. This is how you save money on gas.

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