Easy to install, our HHO generator gives up to 50% Better MPG

Easy to install, our HHO generator gives up to 50% Better MPG

Our hydrogen generators are the real deal. They save gas and give the consumer substantial fuel savings. Anyone can install our hydrogen generators or if you cannot do it, any mechanic can. All you need is a bit of space under the hood where the mounting bracket can be placed and that is the biggest hurdle. 

There is no parts multiple parts to install under the hood. It is just one canister, wiring, the microprocessor controller box. The LED display meter, showing real time hydrogen gas levels, is waterproof. If there is a place for it, it can sit right by the left wiper blade; Some cars have a small opening between the hood and the body of the car. Or more elegantly, run the cable into the cabin of the car and mount the LED box on your dash. As the user of the Toyota 2021 4 Runner, who gets over 50% better fuel economy, did as he likes his hydrogen generator so much. It saves a lot on the cost of gas.

Consumers and businesses in Canada are looking for both and environmental solution to greenhouse gases and climate change. By having a hydrogen generator, not only do you reduce emissions by 80% you also save on gas. Our fuel saving guarantee is 30% better MPG. 

See how easy it is to install a fuel genie systems hydrogen generator kit. You will save money on fuel for years to come on gasoline.


SE Hydrogen Hybrids and Mileage Masters Canada

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