Gas prices in Canada

Gas prices in Canada

Gas prices in Canada are not going down anytime soon. There are several reasons for this. The biggest on I can think of in terms of gas prices in Canada is the Federal Government. The federal government has a hand in the till in regards to gas prices in Canada. They collect tax money directly off the price of gas in Canada. The higher the gas price, the more the Federal government gets from gasoline revenue. Now, the federal government also can control the profits that big oil makes, from gas prices in Canada. Especially if the gas prices in Canada pound the snot right out of the Canadian public and drives the economy into a big time recession. But right now, they dont. Why? Because their buddies, big oil is again posting record profits from gas prices in Canada; on your back... How is your pocket book these days? How are gas prices in Canada for you? Big oils is doing just fine, with their record profits over the past 6 months. Gas prices in Canada, they suck... But it doesnt have to be this way with gas prices in Canada. You can fight back against the price of gas... or the price of gas in Canada, or gas prices in Canada, or the price of gas in Toronto, Ontario, Vancouver, British Columbia... All provinces are effected by high gas prices. 
See this video from our Prius... Notice the 3.8L per 100KMS.

Here is another video showing how easy it is to save on gas... or get fuel savings...

Notice the "range" indicator on the Prius with a full tank...

Prius Full Tankjpg

Gas prices in Canada

Gas prices in Canada... Notice how our fuel saving device gives Prius 3.8L per 100K.... Are Canadians being ripped off over the price of gas? Are oil companies again posting record profits?

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