Our Hydrogen Generators save money on gas for ANY vehicle; Pay 90 Cents a litre for gasoline

Our Hydrogen Generators save money on gas for ANY vehicle; Pay 90 Cents a litre for gasoline

Canadians are really feeling the pinch with the price of gas these days.

Lots of queries on gas buddy. More tax on the way. 

They need a solution. At Fuel Genie Systems we have one. Our HHO generators. Simply put, our HHO generators generate hydrogen gas via the electrolysis method. 

THIS IS THE ONLY SIMILARITY BETWEEN OUR HHO GENERATOR KITS AND THE CRAPPY KITS YOU WOULD FIND ON GOOGLE. Our kits feature a MICROPROCESSOR controller box with a LED display for fuel savings at any speed, city or highway.

As our kits actually hook or interface right off the motor, right off the throttle body of the motor. This means the motor vacuum of the car is sucking the hydrogen gas directly from the canister. It applies the gas to the engine in a closed loop fashion and allows for the gas to become an active part of the vehicles fuel system. Big time savings on gas, way better fuel consumption, even pulling loads.


When you hook a hydrogen generator into the fuel system of a vehicle this way, the results are astounding. See our website, sehydrogenhybrids.com. We show you a 2021 Toyota 4Runner, customer supplied video, which gets 26 MPG at 2 different highway speeds. Up from 17 MPG. Our hydrogen generator saves that much on gas. We also show you a 6.7 litre Dodge Ram diesel, saving on gas, with 35% better MPG. 


The price of gas in BC is almost the highest in Canada. It does not matter about the price of gas in Toronto, Alberta, Winnipeg, Quebec, Newfoundland, PEI, Abbotsford, near me, or whatever anymore with a hydrogen generator. As with a hydrogen generator made by Fuel Genie Systems, you will save on gas. BIG TIME. Not only that our hydrogen generators help any vehicle save on gas? Many people ask how can I save on gas? Our hydrogen generators will give you fuel savings for years. Currently the price of gas is $1.42 per litre in the Ottawa area. It is also $1.42 in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick. The price of gas is 15 cents a litre higher in Newfoundland, British Columbia and NWT. How high will gas prices go is anybodies guess. 

Our hydrogen generators not only save money on gas, they also reduce vehicle emissions by 80% helping combat climate change. See the clean engine, clean air video on our website. Saving money on gas has never been as easy as this and you also can take responsibility for your environmental footprint. 

Trials were done many years ago in the cities of Vancouver, Seattle and Edmonton with substandard hydrogen kits. While this showed that hydrogen indeed could be generated via electrolysis, the way the gas is applied to the motor by bastardizing the fuel delivery system is incorrect. People should have known this would yield results on only a small number of cars by using common logic; very specifically if you bastardize anything the chances of it working properly are slim to none. Yet, this type of emerging technology did introduce possibilities regarding hydrogen and its promise of free energy and cleaner air.
Fuel Genie Systems has taken an emerging technology and made an emerged technology by getting the hydrogen generators to interface directly off the motor. This is why our kits work to deliver fuel savings and save on gas at any speed. 

See our website. We have done interviews for Rogers TV, the BBC and Donald TV. 

Investigate the expert who has seen our kits and also commented positively on them. He has over 50K likes on fB. 


SE Hydrogen Hybrids and Mileage Masters Canada

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