Save on gas all year around with our Hydrogen generator kit; now works to -20C

Save on gas all year around with our Hydrogen generator kit; now works to -20C

Our hydrogen generator kits save on gas all year around, even in the winter. With our new freeze kit which keeps the water, liquid to at least -20F. This is necessary as a block of ice will not produce hydrogen gas, allowing you to save on gas. Water in its liquid form will and this is what our generator now can do as well. Produce hydrogen gas, even in the winter time to save consumers money on gas. The price of gas in Vancouver, abbottsford, kelowna, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Calgary, Winnipeg, etc.. Is astounding now. Saving money on gas could never be easier now all year around with our hydrogen generators.

The ONLY similarity between our hydrogen generator and the crap (pardon me) that is sold on google is we make hydrogen gas via the electrolysis method. That is it. That is why our kits work...

They feature:

A MICROPROCESSOR controller box.
A LED display showing real time hydrogen gas levels.
A hand held FOB to adjust hydrogen gas levels on the fly.

They are simple to install. 

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All over Canada, people are talking about the price of gas, and how to save on gas. Our kit is the answer. It is easy to install and gives fuel savings for years. Transfer it to any car does not void warranty. People in Moncton can save on gas. Beat the price of gas in Montreal, Sydney, PEI, stop monitoring gas buddy so much or doing google queries on cheap gas new me... Get a hydrogen generator from fuel genie systems Canada and save on gas year round, year AFTER year.

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