Mileage Videos - Library

Here are some of the mileage videos we have done and also our customers have provided us. There are also other videos, R&D testing videos, 5 gas analyzer video, device amperage usage video, TV interviews, different vehicles, gas diesel, trucks, midsize, and economy cars. Works for Prius too. Our baseline number is 20 to 30% better MPG. We feel, most of our customers get better than this. Here are some of the features make our kit state of the art. We did the R&D testing to get the motor vacuum interface, or the interface between the hydrogen generator and the motor “right” over a 7 year period, 2004 to 2012. Once this interface was right and the kit baked over another 4 year period, this is when we added the other bells and whistles…. That is what makes business sense. Get the interface so you do not drill the air box and it is proper, then add the state of the art features…

  • A Titanium Core. The core never rusts, you never have to drain the fluid.
  • Freeze technology, allowing the unit to function during COLD winters.
  • Drive for 5000 miles without refilling. The water always stays clear, no need to dump it.
  • A motor vacuum interface. Plugs right off the throttle body of the motor.
  • Wireless R/F hand held controller; Change hydrogen gas levels on the fly.
  • A LED display showing real time hydrogen generator gas levels.
  • A hydrogen gas cut off safety switch.
  • A simple install; 7 piece kit… You can install it with scissors, a screwdriver and a 10 mill socket.
  • This kit will pay for itself within 20K of driving.
  • Works for gas, diesel and hybrid electric.
  •  Year warranty on the core, 1 year on the electronics. Core is heartbeat.