Our Hydrogen Generator; 20 to 30% better Fuel Savings; guaranteed & Economically Friendly... ANY CAR, Gas or Diesel, up to 16L motors

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Here is a history of our hydrogen generators, some of the places we have been seen, Rogers TV Canada and BBC Network, UK Donald TV, Hard Knocks. We also show some of the vehicles we have done, happy customers and also why are kits are different. They can save any business between $2K to $5K per year, per vehicle.

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HHO Generators, Save on gas

Our award winning hydrogen generator SAVES YOU GAS.
Our new RF controller allows you to
 on the fly for OPTIMAL FUEL SAVINGS at ANY speed.
The titanium core is made from the finest rare earth materials.
Guaranteed for 3 years.
Works for gas, diesel and hybrid electric. Fill it every 8000 KMS.
It also has a hydrogen gas cut off safety switch, a very important safety feature
OUR GUARANTEE is get 20 to 30% better MPG or a get a 100% money back refund.
Our new freeze generator kit works to 0F, allowing for use all year round.
Transferring it to your new vehicle does not void warranti
This is also an eco friendly product.

Environmentally Friendly

This is also an eco friendly product. Vehicle emissions also get reduced 70 to 90%. We use the same testing methods drive clean Ontario used a few years back, a 5 gas analyzer. We have a few happy customers.

The video below shows just how much our hydrogen generators really reduce GHGs. Quite a bit actually. This test is done with a green machine 5 gas analyzer. It is the same device that MT Ontario used a few years ago to pass cars in their drive clean emissions testing program. Reducing emissions like this not only helps with climate change, it also helps with our lakes rivers and forests. By using a device like this and severely reducing your vehicles carbon footprint, the PH level of exhaust emissions goes from 4.6 which is acidic, to 6.1 - 6.3. This is PH neutral and a huge win for forests, rivers, lakes, streams and its inhabitants. Lets not forget our oceans. This product turns any vehicle into a green vehicle. 

Check out the videos below. They show the Fuel Genie Systems hydrogen generator and report on it, on live TV talk show interviews. 

The 1st video clip is from ROGERS Daytime TV and Dylan Black. Rogers TV was kind enough to feature us on their noon TV talk show, hosted by Mr. Black. In this video, Rogers has also interweaved clips showing how the use of a hydrogen generator cleans the motor. This interview also talks about how well our generators work, how it helps clean the environment and the air you breath. 

The 2nd video is from the BBC UK TV network, Donald TV. The BBC Network in the United Kingdom was kind enough to feature the product on Donald TV. The product was chosen as one of the TOP 1000 new and exciting green products by entrepreneurs and investors in the UK as it reduces vehicle emissions 80%. On top of saving at least 20% in fuel costs. The Donald TV host interviews Dr. Bertrand Piccard.... Dr. Piccard is known as a pioneer in his field. He is someone (an expert) who has personally seen our product and therefore was able to comment on it quite positively. 

Customer Satisfaction

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