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automotive hydrogen kit, fuel genie system; fuel genie systems, hydrogen conversion kits for cars
automotive hydrogen kit, fuel genie system; fuel genie systems, hydrogen conversion kits for cars

Advanced Motor Vacuum Hydrogen Injection Kits for Cars: Revolutionizing Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Reduction

Discover the groundbreaking technology behind Fuel Genie Systems' motor vacuum hydrogen injection kits, offering 20-30% better MPG and an 80% reduction in emissions. Learn how these titanium-based kits differ from traditional air breather HHO kits, and how copycat companies like Fuel Genie SOLUTIONS spread misinformation.

Our HHO generator kits produce gas easily cheaply and from a plentiful source. So we think a water to gas type device is perfect for this application.

Our kit hooks into the motor vacuum. It uses the EXACT same principle as the above technology the UNSW developed; Hydrogen injection into the combustion chamber. Motor vacuum will deliver hydrogen gas directly to the combustion chamber along with the gas/oxygen mixture alleviating the modification the UNSW shows. Although the method of delivering hydrogen gas to the engine, via a motor vacuum principle, is the same...

HHO Generator for Car

HHO car kits

The above picture and article. While the engine has been modified to provide hydrogen gas via injection directly to the combustion chamber it does verify that if you provide or INJECT HHO gas into the fuel cylinder it burns the fuel much more completely, which reduces emissions approximately 80% and since emissions are a function of unburnt fuel, fuel which has not been burnt completely, if you have significantly reduced emissions, this means your engine burns the fuel way more completely. This gives better MPG!

Our hydrogen conversion kits for cars

Are you looking to maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency while minimizing emissions? Fuel Genie Systems introduces advanced motor vacuum hydrogen injection kits, setting a new standard in hydrogen conversion technology for cars and trucks. Engineered with cutting-edge features such as a TITANIUM cell/core, LED display for real-time HHO gas levels, r/f wireless handheld controller, safety switch, and 0F freeze technology, these kits redefine automotive performance.

So, what sets Fuel Genie Systems' motor vacuum kits apart from traditional air breather HHO kits? The answer lies in our innovative approach to hydrogen injection. Unlike air breather systems HHO kits, our motor vacuum HHO generator kits inject hydrogen directly into the combustion chamber. This precise delivery optimizes combustion efficiency, resulting in substantial fuel savings, reduced emissions, and enhanced vehicle performance.


Automobile Hydrogen kits; How to convert your car or truck with our HHO kits...

If you follow THIS link, you will find NEGATIVE REVIEWS OF FUEL GENIE... But it is not Fuel Genie "SYSTEMS" ADVANCED HHO KITS... IT IS FUEL GENIE SOLUTIONS... This is done by Consumer's reports. If you look at the product description and picture of the product, along with the 'deceptive' domain name which matches ours almost to a T, which consumer report clearly puts in their statement regarding fuel saving devices that do not work you will see this is not a hydrogen/HHO injection kit like Fuel Genie Systems offers.

So the copy cat name and then the reporting on a correct device, which by the way has the name Fuel Genie attached to it, was done a long time ago. It allow a guy with an air box insert to profiteer on our coat tails until his product, Fuel Genie, from Fuel Genie SOLUTIONS got reported on negatively by consumers reports. It also undermined us at Fuel Genie SYSTEMS, you, as you could have been saving on gas with your car or truck by now and also it has robbed the environment of its justice...

Hydrogen conversion kit for cars; Hydrogen kit for truck...

Here's why our motor vacuum hydrogen injection kits excel:

  1. Optimized Combustion: By injecting hydrogen directly into the combustion chamber via motor vacuum, Fuel Genie Systems' kits ensure thorough mixing with the fuel. This optimized combustion process extracts more energy from the fuel, leading to 20-30% better MPG and significant cost savings over time.

  2. Titanium Cell/Core: Our kits feature a titanium cell/core, known for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. This ensures longevity and consistent performance, providing peace of mind to vehicle owners. The core is guaranteed 3 years. It does not rust like steel.

  3. Real-Time Monitoring: Stay informed about your vehicle's performance with the LED display, which shows real-time HHO gas levels. This feature allows for on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring optimal efficiency under varying driving conditions.

  4. Wireless Control and Safety Features: Enjoy the convenience of the r/f wireless handheld controller, which allows for seamless operation of the system. Additionally, safety features such as the HHO gas cutoff switch and freeze technology enhance user safety and reliability.

Our DIY Hydrogen Generators kits are superior!

Fuel Genie System; Its a Fuel Saving Device

It is a Fuel Saving Device

Not only does it save on gas, our HHO auto kits reduce emissions and give your vehicle a 1000% performance upgrade as the motor has way more pick up and towing power for your car or truck. But our HHO injection kit also cleans the internal carbon deposits from your motor, extending engine life.

HHO kits, hydrogen conversion kit, hydrogen generator kit, hydrogen on demand kit, HHO
HHO kits, hydrogen conversion kit, hydrogen generator kit, hydrogen on demand kit, HHO