Water to Gas - Review

Fuel Genie Systems ADVANCED TITANIUM CORE hydrogen generator/HHO kit converts water to gas, hydrogen gas, way better than traditional HHO kits. It is a 1000% performance upgrade for your vehicle. Save 20 to 30% on fuel costs and get cheaper gas with our kits. Environmentally friendly too, reduces emissions 70 to 90%.

"Water to gas" typically refers to a process known as electrolysis, where water (H2O) is split into its constituent elements, hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), using an electric current. The hydrogen gas produced from the automobile hydrogen generator can then be used as a fuel source in various applications, including combustion engines.

Here's a brief overview of the process:

  1. Electrolysis: Water to gas conversion begins with the electrolysis of water. In this process, electrical energy is used to break the chemical bonds within water molecules, resulting in the separation of hydrogen and oxygen gases. This is typically achieved by passing a direct current (DC) through electrodes immersed in water.

  2. Hydrogen production: At the cathode (negative electrode), hydrogen ions (H+) in the water gain electrons and form hydrogen gas (H2). This hydrogen gas is then collected and stored for use as a fuel in the canister of our kit. It gets sucked into the motor via motor vacuum.

  3. Utilization: The hydrogen gas produced through water electrolysis can be used as a clean and renewable fuel source in various applications. In automotive applications, as per this article can be used to improve motor efficiency reduce fuel costs, amongst other things.

Hydrogen Electrolysis

The Fuel Genie Systems' motor vacuum electrolysis ADVANCED HHO generator, distinct from traditional HHO kits, revolutionizes motor performance, emissions, and fuel efficiency through cutting-edge technology and refined combustion dynamics. Unlike conventional HHO kits, which typically rely on basic electrolysis methods, Fuel Genie Systems employs advanced motor vacuum electrolysis technology. This auto innovative approach ensures a more efficient and thorough combustion process by introducing hydrogen gas directly into the engine's intake system direct fuel inject, optimizing fuel-air mixing and combustion.

Efficient Electrolysis

The Fuel Genie Systems kit unique approach boasts a titanium core, enhancing durability and efficient electrolysis compared to standard HHO kits. Moreover, its R/F wireless handheld controller allows real-time adjustment of hydrogen gas levels, providing drivers with real time control over their vehicle's performance and efficiency. Additionally, the kit's LED display offers instant feedback on hydrogen gas levels, ensuring optimal operation at all times. Furthermore, Fuel Genie Systems' commitment to safety is evident with its hydrogen gas cut-off safety switch, which automatically shuts off hydrogen production in unsafe conditions. Lastly, the kit's freeze technology ensures reliable operation even in extreme temperatures as low as -20°F (-29°C), a feature not commonly found in traditional HHO kits. Overall, the Fuel Genie Systems' motor vacuum electrolysis HHO generator represents a significant advancement over traditional HHO kits, offering superior performance, control, durability, and safety for drivers seeking to optimize their vehicle's efficiency and environmental impact.

Electrolysis of H2O


Hydrogen Uses

In comparing a water fuelled car equipped with the Fuel Genie Systems (FGS) hydrogen/HHO system kit to a traditional HHO kit, several key distinctions emerge, ultimately influencing vehicle performance, efficiency, and user experience. The FGS hydrogen kit, with its advanced motor vacuum electrolysis technology, represents a paradigm shift from conventional HHO systems. Unlike the basic electrolysis methods employed by traditional HHO kits, the FGS kit introduces hydrogen gas directly into the engine's intake system, optimizing combustion for enhanced power, fuel efficiency, and miles per gallon. It's titanium core hydrogen fuel cell ensures durability and efficiency, outperforming the older HHO generator counterparts in longevity and reliability. Moreover, the FGS kit's R/F wireless handheld controller provides real-time adjustment of hydrogen gas levels, affording drivers unprecedented control over their vehicle's performance and makes a great water car. This level of precision and customization sets the FGS kit apart, offering a tailored driving experience suited to varying road conditions and driver preferences. Additionally, the LED display provides instant feedback on hydrogen gas levels, ensuring optimal operation and peace of mind for users. In contrast, traditional HHO systems or kits lack such advanced features, often resulting in less precise control and feedback. Furthermore, the FGS kit's hydrogen gas cut-off safety switch and freeze technology exemplify its commitment to safety and reliability, features that are either absent or less sophisticated in a older HHO system.


Overall, the FGS hydrogen kit represents a significant leap forward in water fuelled car technology, offering superior performance, efficiency, and user convenience compared to traditional HHO systems. For drivers seeking to maximize their vehicle's potential while minimizing environmental impact, the FGS hydrogen kit stands as the clear choice, ushering in a new era of sustainable and efficient transportation.