Fuel Genie Systems has a lot of R&D invested in these HHO kits. With a TITANIUM cell/core a LED display showing real time hydrogen gas levels and a r/f wireless controller so you can change gas levels on the fly for fuel savings in the city or highway, our state of the art kit is 2nd to none. The titanium core is guaranteed 3 years and made from the finest rare earth materials. The electronics are solid, guaranteed 1 year. The kit also has a hydrogen gas cut off safety switch in case the motor stops running. This is an important safety feature, we are sure you will agree. Part of the R&D we did lead us to develop 0F freeze technology. It is not that the water will not freeze, we find hydrogen gas production stops at 35F, even though the electrolytic solution is still liquid in form.

This is another unique feature, a kit with a heater for the electrolytic solution. So our kit works in the winter and the summer too. As well, our kits typically install in less than an hour... It can be done in 30 minutes.

Guaranteed for 30 days

Our kits are guaranteed for 30 days. Try it for 30 days, which start from the time the courier drops the HHO kit at your door. If you do not like it for any reason, calls us, ship it back for a full refund.

Works for gas, diesel up to 16L motors. Hybrid electric vehicles 2L and under

Our state of the art kits have been in production 4 years now and are solid. They work for gas and Diesel engines up to 16L. They also work for hybrid electric 2L and under. (Prius, CMAX)

Pays for itself within 15K of driving

After that it is the save on gas. With gas prices rising would it not be nice to get a solid break like this?

Our kits are plug and play

A diesel kit and a gas kit for motors 7 litres and under fit the same. The kit is also identical. The only difference is the electronics which are slightly higher and more rigid in tolerance for a diesel kit. That is it. For motors above this, our DUAL canister HHO injection kit works for semi tractor trailer Diesel engines.

It is rare but...

They can be installed in the trunk if there is just no space under the hood.

Automotive hydrogen fuel cell, hho generator, hydrogen on demand, automotive hydrogen kits, water fuelled car, gas hho
Automotive hydrogen fuel cell, hho generator, hydrogen on demand, automotive hydrogen kits, water fuelled car, gas hho

Our HHO ADVANCED motor vacuum injection kit w/titanium cell/core costs just:

$950. CDN for gas engines 2L or under. + Tax

$1000. CDN for diesel, up to 7 litres + Tax

$1075. CDN for gas engines over 2L up to 7L + Tax

$1700. CDN for diesel, up to 12 litres + Tax

$2000. CDN for diesel, up to 16 litres + Tax

All kits come with free shipping

SAM Included

Pricing Fuel Genie Systems HHO Injection kits...

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